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Dr. Anissi has been practicing dentistry in the Rochester, NY, area for nearly 30 years. Her enthusiasm for dentistry, thirst for knowledge, and exceptional clinical skills are fundamental to her practice.  


At the office of Azita Anissi, DDS we are proud to offer the following insurances: Excellus, Blue Cross, MetLife, Aetna, Delta, Cigna, and Guardian.  


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Nothing says it better than a gorgeous, healthy, bright smile. Dr. Anissi can help give you a smile you’ll love and ensure your optimal dental health.  

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We are proud to offer the following services to our patients. Click on any one of the services below for more information.

  • This dentist is extremely honest and does excellent work I'm very impressed

    Marjorie Avatar
  • Dr. Anissi and her team are amazing! She noticed on my first visit that my front teeth were bonded incorrectly. The bonding was not cosmetically appealing. She corrected it and I am no longer insecure about my smile. I left with tears of joy and more confidence! Dental procedures run smoothly, my cavities were filled efficiently and painless. I can’t say enough about how friendly and hard working the staff is. I highly recommend this dental practice to all.

  • Love to get my teeth clean at this place. The staff and doctor is really nice and love to talk with you! Great atmosphere and great service!

    Ethan Yung Avatar
    Ethan Yung
  • Everybody is always so cheerful and helpful! I’m really grateful for everything they’ve done for me. They do a wonderful job!

    Victoria Rivera Avatar
    Victoria Rivera
  • Going to the dentist has always been a source of stress for me however since going to Dr. Anissi that has all changed. I have had the best experience in my visits!
    I have felt comfortable in the chair at every visit and have honestly been blown away with the end results. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy and more than satisfied when you leave. I highly recommend this practice!

    Jennifer Carter Avatar
    Jennifer Carter
  • Best dentist office we have ever been in. I recommend this office to everyone I know.

    CarrieLyn Burrhus Avatar
    CarrieLyn Burrhus
  • She is amazing at what she does. She works with you and gives you options on how to go about correcting the problem areas. She is gentle and her staff is very friendly. I was told by my previous dentist that once the enamel on your teeth is gone you can’t fix it. And with no enamel my teeth began to appear see through and I was self conscious about even smiling. When I got to dr. Anissi she saw my problem immediately and offered me a way to fix it. I had hope back again and once it was fixed I felt so much like my self again I couldn’t stop smiling. It looked so natural and beautiful once my teeth were sealed and no longer looked see through. Thank you dr. Anissi. I love my smile.

    Brittni McFadden Avatar
    Brittni McFadden
  • Dr. Azita and her team worked wonders correcting my son's smile. All the staff are professional and caring. They are flexible and accessible when scheduling appointments and when responding to any concerns. Worth the 35 minute drive.

    Sapphira.k Claymore Avatar
    Sapphira.k Claymore
  • He office staff was wonderful. I love my hygienist! I’m bringing my 11 year old here. Very trustworthy 😉

    Karen Orbe Avatar
    Karen Orbe
  • I love Dr Anissi!! Her office is clean and inviting, and the staff are all so nice and friendly. I needed to get a cavity filled, but generally I have a lot of anxiety about people working on my teeth. The novocaine shot was virtually painless, and my cavity was filled within 10 minutes, effortlessly. I am so, so grateful that Dr Anissi accepts my insurance. Thank you Dr Anissi!!! :)

    Jillian Wolf Avatar
    Jillian Wolf
  • Dr Anissi and her staff are great! They treat everyone like family...they are clean comfortable office space...Dr. Anissi goes above and beyond to make sure her patience get the best care. Her dental and orthodontic care she gives his top notch and she makes sure that it's done correctly. Knowing the care that we get I know that she goes above and beyond to do the correct research if something's not correct to make sure that it is done correctly. I have full faith in her and her staff and making sure we have the best oral care given to us.

    Michelle Nicholson Avatar
    Michelle Nicholson
  • I have never had a better dentist!! I get a little anxiety about drilling in my mouth, but Dr. Anissi always makes me feel at ease. She and her staff are always helpful, and I am so happy I found them. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a knowledgable and talented dentist.

    Wendy Graham Avatar
    Wendy Graham
  • I love my dentist.. Im so glad we started going there. Everyone is so nice.

    Jamie Lantz Avatar
    Jamie Lantz
  • This is the best dentist I have ever been to, the staff is very nice and friendly. My retainer broke and they were able to get me in the next day and fix it! Go here you would not be disappointed at all, I love them!

    Aiyana j Avatar
    Aiyana j
  • OMG..... I don’t even know how to start! I haven’t had bonding work done on my teeth in a few years so they needed a little work. I sat in the chair thinking I was getting the usual work done. Not true I could tell Dr. Azita Anissi was different when it was done and she showed me the end result I was in shock she had done the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen, what a perfectionist, what craftsmanship she changed my smile to a another level! I wanna thank her for the amazing bonding! I wanna thank her staff for doing an Awesome job too.
    Thanks again!!!

    Denise Barbato Avatar
    Denise Barbato
  • Amazing cosmetic dentistry! What an artist! I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you!
    Impeccably clean too!

    Liam Was here Avatar
    Liam Was here
  • Doctor Anissi and her team are fantastic. Not only have they always been able to schedule my family members and I in for visits on short notice, but their work is fast yet incredibly thorough. They are gentle and attentive, and the receptionists are always kind and ready to help you. I highly recommend Doctor Anissi’s practice for anyone looking for a dentist!

    taylor dubois Avatar
    taylor dubois
  • My son and I are relatively new to Dr. Anissi and her office staff. So far I’m overly pleased. It’s such a pleasure to have both my son and myself taken care of by the same doctor.

    Dr. Anissi is diligent, expedient, and always concise with what needs to be done. Getting an appointment is easy and I’m usually seen within days of my requested appointment.

    The staff is incredibly professional and polite. The work performed and level of customer service is second to none. I truly feel like family here.
    Integrity, strong work ethics, and professionalism is always surpassed every visit I have. I look forward to a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for years to come.

    Thank you Dr. Anissi and team,


    james sikes Avatar
    james sikes
  • She fit me in for an extra service on a busy day to avoid me having to make another appointment. This was greatly appreciated!

    Marshall Zemans Avatar
    Marshall Zemans
  • Very friendly staff and they are great at getting you in during an emergency. The dental hygienists are very nice and do excellent cleanings. Dr. Anissi is kind, her work is excellent and haven't had any problems with the work done. I love how she numbs just the tooth so you face isn't numb for hours. It's a very nice and clean environment.

    Danielle Corrow Avatar
    Danielle Corrow
  • Dr. Anissi and her team were incredibly flexible. They were able to squeeze me in for an additional needed service during a scheduled appointment saving me a visit. The hygienist, Meagan, was especially helpful in recommending oral care products. And staff worked with me and my insurance plan to give me the best care at the best price.

    julie Francis Avatar
    julie Francis
  • The Doctor and her staff are exceptional. Their performance is exceptional and precisely executed. The staff is always on time and you are in and out with expertise.

    I highly recommend their services for ALL of your dental needs.

    There is not a doubt in my mind!

    Rich Kaufman Avatar
    Rich Kaufman
  • Dr. Anissi has been absolutely fantastic at being both through and concise with explainations and check ups. I'm only able to come twice a year as I'm away at school for most of the year, but she and her staff always remember any past problems and follow up to make sure Im doing proper procedure to keeping myself throughly ready to prevent any issues for the future.

    Matt Wan Avatar
    Matt Wan
  • I started bringing my three children here a little under a couple years ago and they love it.. Very patient staff and friendly..

    Emily Batterby Avatar
    Emily Batterby
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