Nothing says it better than a gorgeous, healthy, bright smile. Dr. Anissi can help give you a smile you’ll love and ensure your optimal dental health. Our comprehensive dental services include dental cleanings and preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, tooth-colored fillings and dental crowns, dentures and partials, orthodontics, periodontal maintenance, sleep apnea treatment, TMJ treatment and emergency dental care.

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Family and Pediatric Dentistry 

A healthy smile begins with a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. Regular checkups and proper homecare early on will help you maintain optimal dental health. The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist at least twice a year. During these hygiene or recare appointments, our dental hygienist will thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth and gums. To assess your complete oral health, we will perform an oral cancer screening, periodontal exam, and bite assessment. If we discover problems, such as gum disease or tooth decay, Dr. Anissi will suggest a treatment plan or periodontal maintenance program to repair the damage to get your oral health back on track.

As a general dentist, Dr. Anissi treats patients of all ages, including kids. To protect young teeth from decay, Dr. Anissi may recommend dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental sealants are made of a plastic material, which are applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth and act as barriers that protect vulnerable areas from plaque and decay.

As an additional benefit to our patients, Dr. Anissi also offers orthodontic treatment right in her office. That way, all your dental care needs are under one roof—convenient for parents and children alike.

Cosmetic Dentistry 

Cosmetic Dentistry can greatly improve your smile and the way you feel about yourself. Many regular dental treatments can be considered cosmetic, including:

Crowns and Bridges

Best used for badly decayed, broken teeth or to protect and strengthen natural teeth, Porcelain Crowns and Dental Bridges are custom-made to perfectly match the shade and shape of your natural teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Reshape teeth that are gapped, chipped, discolored, crooked or too small/large for your mouth with porcelain veneers. Veneers are custom-crafted, thin wafers of porcelain, about the thickness of a fingernail, that are bonded to the surface of the teeth. Porcelain Veneers can create a beautiful, long-lasting and natural-looking smile.


Bonding is another cosmetic dentistry technique much like veneers. Using a composite material that goes on in paste-like form, it can be sculpted to the proper shape. Bonding can be used as a simple fix to those unsightly chips, spots or gaps between teeth.

Teeth Whitening

The most common and affordable form of Cosmetic Dentistry is Teeth Tleaching or Whitening. Our office provides chairside bleaching and take-home teeth whitening kits

Zoom! Your Way to a Whiter Smile

Zoom! Whitening enables us to significantly brighten your smile in just one visit. The advantages speak for themselves:
• Significant whitening results in just one visit
• Long-lasting results
• Low tooth sensitivity
• Safe and effective

Dr. Anissi uses a color-matching key to determine the shade of whiteness of your teeth. An 8-shade improvement in whiteness is excellent and may be achieved with Zoom! Whitening in just one office visit. Ask us for more details or to learn if Zoom! might be right for you.

Restorative Dentistry 

Even with proper care, your teeth can develop cavities, cracks and other problems. With restorative dentistry, Dr. Anissi can restore your teeth back to health, function and beauty. Our restorative dentistry procedures include:

Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth or wear a full or partial denture, Dental Implants may represent the best solution for a strong, attractive smile. Dental Implants can replace one or more teeth or can be used as a fixed prosthetic to secure dentures, partials or bridgework in place. Dr. Anissi works with trusted specialists for implant post placement, then places the dental restorations (such as Porcelain Crowns or Prosthetics) in our office. 

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns are a restorative dentistry technique, but can also be considered cosmetic. Best used for badly decayed, broken teeth or to protect and strengthen natural teeth, Porcelain Crowns are custom-made to match perfectly the shade and shape of your natural teeth.

Dentures, Partials and Dental Bridges

If you’ve lost all or some of your natural teeth from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, dental prosthetics like Dentures, Partials and Dental Bridges can replace your missing teeth and complete your smile. Dentures and Partials can be made to look like natural teeth so you can feel confident every time you smile. Ask us how Dentures or Partials in conjunction with a Dental Implant or other procedures can help you improve your ability to chew.

Dental Fillings, Inlays and Onlays

Tooth-colored (or composite) Dental Fillings, Inlays and Onlays are virtually invisible when compared to traditional silver (or mercury) fillings. Stronger than traditional metal fillings, Composite Fillings bond directly to the surface of the tooth and can protect the tooth from future fractures. We can even replace less-than-attractive or old metal fillings with new tooth-colored fillings to dramatically “brighten” your smile.

Sleep Apnea 

Is snoring or Sleep Apnea keeping you or your partner awake at night? Do you lack energy or feel tired throughout the day. Did you know that airway problems, which can restrict oxygen to your brain, can also leave you feeling tired? In conjunction with a sleep study or with a referral to an Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist, Dr. Anissi can evaluate, diagnose, refer and/or treat patients with chronic snoring or obstructive Sleep Apnea conditions that keep adult patients from getting a good night’s rest. We can select and custom fit a specially designed oral appliance worn during sleep. This appliance helps prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat and repositions the jaw forward keeping the airway open during sleep and promoting adequate air intake. Let Dr. Anissi help make dreamland a reality, call today to find out more information.

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder, more commonly known as TMJ, is a condition that involves pain around the jaw joints and difficulty in moving the jaw due to inflammation. Pain and stiffness in the jaw naturally affects eating, talking and swallowing. Dr. Anissi can evaluate your bite and jaw joint relationship to let you know if you might be a candidate for TMJ treatment. Dr. Anissi has received advanced training in TMJ disorders, which allows her to adjust the natural position of your jaw, then restore your bite to balance, which will allow the jaw joint and teeth to work in natural harmony.

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