Orthodontic Care in Pittsford, NY

Most orthodontic problems, such as overbites and uneven teeth, are easily visible. However, problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth can be difficult to spot when baby teeth are still present. As a trained orthodontist, Dr. Anissi can spot these issues from an early age and provide treatment before it’s too late.

Dr. Anissi can also work with a specialist to treat children who have nasal problems or issues with their breathing. Without treatment, these conditions can lead to fatigue, ADD/ADHD, and other symptoms. In serious cases, the child’s brain development can be impaired so it’s very important to seek treatment as soon as you begin to notice symptoms in your child.


At our practice, we think it’s important to emphasize that there’s no age limit on enhancing your smile. Although many patients assume that orthodontics are for children and teenagers, one in five orthodontic patients are actually adults. With new technology and services available, more adults are seeking orthodontic care than ever before.

To add to your convenience, we provide orthodontic and general dentistry care in the same office. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling appointments between different doctors in different locations — Dr. Anissi offers a one-stop shop for all your family’s dental needs.


Known as one of the most popular orthodontic treatments for teens and adults, Invisalign will straighten your teeth and improve your smile. The clear aligners used for this treatment are comfortable, removable, and virtually invisible so you can avoid the hassle and embarrassment of metal braces. With all these advantages, it’s not surprising that over five million people, including one million teens, have used Invisalign to enhance their smiles.

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